Out On A Limb Tree Services is a professional tree service company serving the ​northeast Houston area and beyond.

We offer a full range of services from simple trimming and pruning to tree removal to complex lot clearing.

And don't feel too bad, for every tree we remove, we make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation so a tree can be planted. Visit the Arbor Day website to learn more about trees.

We are:

InsuredBut don't take our word on this. Ask to see a copy of our COI (Certificate of Insurance), then call the insurance company to verify that coverage is in effect. As they say, trust but verify. 

Bonded - Before hiring anyone we conduct a criminal background check, and all job candidates must pass a drug test to ensure that we only hire trustworthy people. As an added layer of protection, we have purchased a bond to guarantee that your home and possessions are safe. 



21733 Holly Leaf Court, Porter, TX  77365